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Don’t let common knowledge get you going in the wrong direction. Many Americans say that they have been eating too much and now they are fat. The truth is – yes if you eat to much junk food and especially fast food you will get fat.

But being fat does come from just simply eating to much. Try eating healthy nutrient dense food all day. I bet two things will happen. One you will find that you aren’t as hungry as you normally are and secondly you wont be getting fatter because you’re eating.

This leads us to two conclusions. One we eat to much fast food and secondly we are unhealthy. It seems that the true root of fat gain comes from living in an unhealthy manner. To reverse this unwanted weight gain is by living a healthier life style and not so much just worrying about fat loss.

When we focus on fat loss only – we end up doing anything to lose weight and this is just and unhealthy way of thinking. Many people with this frame of mind do many things they shouldn’t like – starving themselves or working out in a manner that will hurt them more than help.

The real way to lose weight is to focus on being a healthier person. And to be healthy you have to eat. You might find that you have to eat more to lose. By becoming a healthier person you will have more energy, happiness, and an overall sense of well being. As you become healthier the pounds will simply come off.

You may be asking yourself – How do I obtain this healthy fat loss. Lets start with your eating habits. There are two things you will need to do. Find healthy foods that you like to eat and make sure that you are getting a constant-balanced caloric intake.

First find healthy foods that you like to eat. When many of us hear the words healthy foods we get sick and think of horrible tasting foods that we definitely don’t want to eat like – bean sprouts. But that’s not what I am talking about hear find foods from the lean meat, fruit, and vegetables categories that you would enjoy.

Next use these foods to set up a healthy meal plan that you know you can handle. Let me give you a hint – if you don’t plan for four meals a day – your not thinking healthy. This four meal minimum is breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. If you are not eating four meals a day then your not going to have that constant caloric intake needed to fuel your metabolism. Think about this when you are wondering if you have time for breakfast – how many healthy and happy people eat breakfast and overweight people skip it.

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