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Every hardcore camper has a novice camper in their life, and was once a novice camper themselves. You know the person that has never been camping and is not prepared for sleeping on the hard ground under the stars, but is not such a lightweight that they need the 30 foot motor home either. This person will probably find certain camping accessories a nice addition to their first time camping adventure.

If using a conventional sleeping bag on the hard ground is not to your liking, then a self-inflating battery operated air mattress can be put on the tent floor underneath your sleeping bag for a more comfy camping experience. Be sure to chose a sleeping bag that will be rated for whatever the temperature is at the time of year you chose. Also, choose clothes that can be layered in order to adjust to the temperature changes when hiking or sleeping.

You expert campers need to remember that involving the novice is so very important for them to enjoy the time. You also need to remember that they may not be a girl or boy scout with all the merit badges; so cooking over an open campfire maybe be an impossibility for them. There are camping stoves that do not require rubbing two sticks together in order to brew your morning coffee.

Here is a tip on one of the important safety exercises for you novice campers that I had to learn the hard way. That handy lantern that allows you to read the instructions on how to erect your shelter for the night (your tent), must never be lit in the tent when all its flaps are securely down, and the door shut. The fumes are simply breathtaking and overwhelming; and we are trying to leave those reactions for the vistas and sunrises.

Be sure to include the all important fishing rod and bait in your camping accessories. Have fun and remember to douse your campfires and secure your food high up off the ground for a safe and secure camping experience.

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