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Children are a blessing to have and I know this from experience. They bring out the best in us and at times they can bring out the worst. They are not perfect and anyone who has kids knows that if there is one thing we learn from them it is that accidents can happen – all the time! One of the biggest things that I had to get used to is wood floors.

In our first home we had so many ‘accidents’ with our child that it became difficult to keep the carpets clean. They looked so dingy and full of stains. I was excited when the next home we moved into had wood floors. But that didn’t stop me from trying to clean the old carpets before I moved. It gave me so time to figure out how to make them look new again.

Stain Removers

When you have children or live with someone who makes messes a lot than you need to have the right stain removers on hand with you. You need to apply these the minute something has stained the floor. Spray it on the affected area and use a rag to rub it in. most people will scrub the floor – but this is a common mistake. This will actually make the stain worse by digging it deeper into the ground.

Instead you need to take the rag and grab at the stain. Grab the carpet and pull it towards you as if you are trying to pick the stain up. Make sure to vacuum the area when it has been setting for a few minutes.

Steam Cleaners

There are times when the stain is too bad to be removed with a simple stain remover. When this is the case it is time to bring out the trust carpet steam cleaner. This uses warm water and a cleaner to get deep down into the carpet and remove the stains and the dirt from it. You should clean your carpet like this at least once a month.

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