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By writing or publishing an article here, authors are bound by our terms of use. Our ToU is intended to protect our service and allow us to maintain a high standard of quality for the articles written here.

Uniqueness Of Content – all articles published at SynergyArticles.commust be written by the author and original. We do not allow “ghost” written or otherwise outsource articles to be submitted. You must have written the article yourself. Plagiarism is grounds for termination of your account and removal of any articles associated with it.

Article Content and Subject Matter- All articles shall be written in the English language (please spell check) and be family friendly, with no illegal, immoral or objectionable content. This is obviously at the discretion of editors. Furthermore, all articles written and published must meet the Google Adsense Program Policies terms, in addition to our own. This excludes the use of profanity, adult, violent, hacking, racial, gambling, weapons, tobacco and alcohol, term paper, replica or imitation goods, copyright material, prescription drugs or anything considered objectionable or infrignges upon the legal rights of others. Please stay up to date on the Adsense policies, as well as our own terms of use on this matter.

Links In Articles – we do allow external links to other websites in the articles you publish, however there are very specific guidelines. A maximum of three (3) links are allowed, with only two (2) to the same website. No links may be placed in the first paragraph. The links must be to pages that contribute to the subject matter of the article, any may not be affiliate or redirect links. There shall be no objectionable content on said linked websites, including anything that would violate the Adsense Program Policy in regards to site content.

Tone Of Article - Your article must be informative and share your expertise. You may not write sales copy or otherwise write in a manner that promotes website(s) you are linking to. Be sure to include your unique tips, analysis and commentary in your articles. Please do not excessively bold or emphasise words in your article. Do not include substantial sourced or quoted material. You may not post a press release, sales copy or blatant self-promotion. This is at the discretion of editors.

Length Of Article – We recommend keeping are article length between 300-600 words, however you may make your article as long as you wish and split it up over multiple pages of necessary. Your article must be at least 1500 characters long, which is about 225 words. Please make appropriate use of paragraphs.

Categories and Tags – Please select only one (1) category and at least one (1) tag. You may use up to six (6) tags, which should be the main keywords you wish for your article to be found by. Tags are important for our internal search, generating related articles and for understanding what your article is about.

Other Important Guidelines

  • Do not copy-paste any content into the “Visual” editor. Doing so may copy html formatting that may render your article in a manner inconsistent with our website. Do tab over into the “HTML” editor to paste your content, and tab back over afterwards.
  • Do capitalize the first letter of each word in your article title. Do not use all-caps for your article title.
  • Do not use your keyword or key phrase excessively throughout your article. Mentioning it a couple times is enough to let people know what the article is about. Write for our visitors, not search engines.
  • Do use proper grammar and punctuation. Do write in good English. Do spellcheck.

Revenue Sharing

As an “expert” author you are eligible to participate in our innovative revenue sharing program. Once your account reaches that status (IE: when you can publish your own articles without approval) you may apply for entry into the program. So long as you meet our guidelines regularly (in order to get upgraded from contributor) we will work with you to setup the correct ad code. This will be retroactive back to all the articles you’ve written, even if you weren’t an expert author at the time. This is done on a per-approval basis.

Changes To These Terms

Our terms may change at any time, and it the responsibility of the author to review these terms before submitting work for publication. Failure to follow our guidelines may result in editing of your article, removal of your article and/or the suspension of your account. All decisions are final and are not negotiable.