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There have been alot of questions about submitting or using articles posted at, so in an effort to reduce the number of emails we receive – here are the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

For Article Writers

Q: Can we write articles about anything we want? Are there any subjects off limits?
A: You may not write about about subjects that violate Google Adsense’s program policies. This includes topics referencing adult content, gambling, hacking, excessive profanity, hate or intolerance, weapons and alcohol or illegal drugs for example. This list isn’t all-inclusive, so please read their ToS page.

Q: Can I publish articles on that I have already used on my website, or have already published at other article directories?
A: No! All articles submitted to must be unique and written by you. Without exception.

Q: How many links can I put in my article, and where can I put them?
A: You may have up to 3 outgoing links in your article, and no more than 2 going to the same website. None should be in the first paragraph. Also, the links must be related to, or contribute to, the content of your article. Affiliate links are not allowed.

Q: How many categories to I submit to? What about tags?
A: Select only 1 category, the most appropriate. Use your tags like keywords, these are important – but do so sparingly. Don’t be excessive.

Q: How do I become a author?
A: Use our contact form to email us. Make sure to include your full name, email address, and links to other articles you’ve written. Once accepted, you will be emailed a password that you can change.

Q: Do you manually approve all articles before they’re published?
A: Yes, until you’re account is upgraded from “contributer” to “author” all of your articles will go into the review queue.  Once you’re account is trusted, you will be able to publish articles right away but they will still be manually reviewed to make sure they meet our guidelines.

For Publishers

Q: May I use your content/articles on my website or blog for commercial purposes?
A: You are free to post our content wherever you wish, so long as you follow the rules of our Creative Commons license. In summary; you may copy, distribute and display our work so long as you keep it intact – this includes any links and author’s resource box. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. You may not claim to have written or own the copyright to material you use from under any circumstance.