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Many of us will confuse the symptoms of a sinus infection with that of a cold. These symptoms that cause pain in the face, runny nose, headaches, and a sore throat are indicative of both conditions – but when those symptoms become worse with time you know there is more to deal with.

People who are suffering from a cold may feel tired – but with a sinus infection you will have many more problems that you will have to worry about. A sinus infection is caused when bacteria is trapped within the nasal cavities and it has turned into an infection. For some people the infection will pass quickly with the right amount of rest and drinking a lot of water. But most require antibiotics along with the rest.

If you are prone to getting sinus infections the best thing that you could do for yourself is to learn how to prevent them in the first place. The moment you recognize the signs of a cold you should start to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water or other clear liquids, and to eat the stuff that mama would give us – chicken soup. This soup actually contains certain anti-viral properties in the ingredients used.

In order to prevent mucous from building up inside of the nose you should be blowing it as much as you can. Also use a warm compress to your face. This will help to loosen up the nasal passages. Drinking hot tea that has antioxidants can help kill the bacteria in your body that is attacking you.

During the wintertime when the air is driest you can use a humidifier to help bring the moisture back. This will also help to relieve the build up of your nasal passages. All of these things help to avoid sinus infections – but it might not always work. Talk to your doctor if the infection has begun and has become worse.

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