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Diabetes is a health condition in which the blood glucose levels – also known as the sugar levels – that are contained in our bodies is at a high level. Our bodies make glucose from the different foods that we consume. Blood glucose is important to us because it is what gives us the energy to go throughout each day and not fall asleep.

Insulin is a type of hormone that is used to spread the glucose throughout the different parts in our body. People who have diabetes are either unable to make insulin at all or not enough of it to move to all areas of the body. Without insulin the glucose will remain in the blood and will not have anyway of getting to our cells.

People whose bodies contain too much of this can suffer from serious health problems that can affect our kidneys, eyes, and nerves. It can also cause heart disease and if are not careful can infect one of our appendages. When this happens that appendage will have to be removed so that they infection does not spread.

The most common symptoms of diabetes include; thirst, weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination, and blurry vision. It is possible that some people do not always have these symptoms and may seem almost normal. Though this is rare with people who have type 1 diabetes.

In order to diagnose the problem and to keep an eye on it doctors will use blood glucose monitors. These monitors will read the glucose levels that are in your blood and will tell you whether they are at the right level. If not then your doctor will tell you what needs to be done in order to balance them out.

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