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Is insurance something that we need? This is a question that we are constantly asking ourselves – especially when we have started a family of our own. There are many different types of insurance plans that we can get for different reasons. The most common include; dental, health, and life insurance. What we have to decide for ourselves is if these are important enough to use.

Health Insurance

Many believe that health insurance is an absolute must and because of this they will grab hold of the first company they can find or that they can afford. However, we believe that only people who are terribly ill or find themselves having multiple health problems in a single year should invest in it. For those who only get sick once or twice a year with something simple – like the cold – we recommend saving your money for something more simple.

Instead of using health insurance you can spend much less by visiting an urgent care clinic when you are sick. They charge much less and will prescribe you medication that is more affordable.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the few types of insurance plans that we believe everyone should invest in. People who have these plans are assuring their remaining family members that when they die they can use the money to cover any funeral bills and to stabilize them until they can regain their footing. There are dozens of companies that will work with you to give you the plan that will work best for you.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is similar to health insurance except that it only covers dental problems. This is usually not very expensive although you have to be careful the insurance company you choose and also the plan you want. Most people prefer to use private dental insurance because it allows them to make certain rules themselves and to choose the provider they want.

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