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Anyone who owns a tanning bed will enjoy the perks of tanning without having to sit out in the sun for hours on end. The bulbs that are used inside of these unique machines are powerful to mimic the rays from the sun and speed up the tanning process that for some people can take the whole summer.

One thing that you need to be prepared to do is to replace the bulbs when they go out. Unlike normal light bulbs these are not as simple to find let along replace. You have to know certain details and find the ones that will work best for the bed that you are using. One of the first things that you will need to find out is the size that you need.

Most tanning beds will use the 100 watt bulbs that have the metal pins on either end. These usually work in most tanning beds and only have to be twisted back into place. However, those who have the higher end brands that have more power to them may need a different type of bulb.

To know exactly what to get it would be easier to contact the manufacturer and get all of the necessary information from them. They will tell you what size, brand, and intensity that you need. Most companies will allow you to order them online. Just be prepared to pay extra for shipping.

There are a number of tanning bulb brands that you can choose from that might have the same specifications that you require. The choice is up to you to decide exactly how much you are willing to pay. When considering the price you also need to ask yourself how long each one will last. If the cheaper ones are going to burn out fast then it might be more prudent to invest in the more expensive types.

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