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Venetian blinds are a great window treatment to use because they look great, are easy to install, and easy to maintain. It is important to understand the proper way to clean them so that we can remove the dust that lays on it and keep it from looking old and dingy. It will also prevent us from becoming sick by the layers of dust and possibly even mildew that it is grabbing hold of.

Everyday Cleaning

When cleaning your Venetian blinds every day this process is simple and will take you no time at all. You are not giving the dust enough time to stick to the slates properly and making it easier to remove them with a simple duster. Using a feather duster would be easier in this process because it can slide in between the slates easily and keep you from separating them yourself.

You can also use an old rage that has a small amount of cleaner on it. This will help to transfer the dust from the blinds to the rag without any falling on the windowsill or the floor. In other words you don’t want the dust just to be kicked around from place to place but removed completely.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

The heavy duty cleaning is a process that must be done when we haven’t had the time or energy to clean the Venetain blinds recently. After a certain period of time the dust will stick to the slates and because of the moisture from the window it takes a small amount of scrubbing or soaking to remove it.

The best thing you could do is to fill your bathtub up with a cleaner or even vinegar and water. Place the blinds in the water so that they are completely covered by it. Let it sit there until the dust is removed. Where the dust is thick you may have to use an old rag to remove it. After it is finished you can remove it from the water and dry it off in the sun or with a towel.

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