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The window treatments that we use in our home are important because they help to add to the décor and they can also control the temperature in the house during the daytime hours. If you are using very thin or light window treatments than you could be letting in too much sunlight causing the home to become hot. One of the best things you could use that could allow some of the light in and add character to the room are basswood blinds.

These are different from the standard mini blinds in the fact that they are made with some of the best and most durable wood. They are also thicker, more elegant, and easier to maintain. You no longer have to fear that they will break apart or bend in the wrong direction while you are dusting them off.

For everyday cleanup you can use a simple cloth or old rag to wipe off the dust that is laying on top of it. Use a rag that is dry if you are only removing a small amount of dust. This makes it easier to clean and will only take a second. If you do not do this often then the dust will be thick and it will be slightly longer to clean them.

To remove large amounts of dust, stains, and to keep them looking like new you need to purchase special wood cleaner. You can use Pledge – which can be sprayed directly onto the blinds or cloth you are using or you can use a liquid cleaner that should be mixed with water. All you need to do is use an old rag and cleaner and wipe off each blade.

Windows have a tendency to attract a lot of moisture – which can cause mildew to grow on the blinds. One way that you can help to prevent this from damaging them and to clean basswood blinds is to use a wood stain. The stain is easy to apply and will not only give it a great shine – but also keep the mildew from staining it.

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