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Progesterone cream is usually given to women whose bodies are having trouble producing the right amount of the hormone progesterone that they need. This hormone is essential because it helps to control the amount of estrogen that their bodies are producing. Too much estrogen can lead to health complications like endometriosis and breast cancer.

But studies show that progesterone cream can do much more than just balance out the estrogen in a woman’s body. During peri-menopause and menopause a woman’s hormones are unbalanced and this can cause hot flashes, weight gain, hair loss, depression, dry skin, mood swings, and insomnia. It can also cause discoloration in the neck and face and adult acne.

Out of all of these things the one problem we were hoping to never have to deal with again after the age of twenty was acne. But during this dramatic change our bodies are out of control and having to cope with many different things. Certain doctors will prescribe a synthetic type of progesterone that will replace hormones.

Unfortunately this type of hormone therapy is often looked down upon by some women who learned the hard way that the side effects from it were no better then the problems they were trying to fix. This synthetic therapy often caused the same problems – but with the added risk of cancer or a heart attack.

The only other option to help offset the symptoms of menopause and the acne associated with it was to use a natural form of progesterone in the form of a cream. After a few weeks of using this natural cream the majority of women noticed that the discoloration have improved and the acne was under control.

The best part of using natural progesterone cream for acne is that there are no side effects that you have to worry about. The entire process is safe, effective, and able to give you back your life and your self esteem.

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