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Acne is a type of skin infection that will can affect both teenagers and adults. Having acne is annoying for many people to deal with because it can get so bad that the only way to get rid of it is through special medications and other such drastic treatments. For some people once the acne has healed the skin underneath the acne will become scared.

There are several different types of acne scars that take on different shapes and sizes. Some will fade easily over time while others will remain large as life. There are several treatments that can work to remove these acne scars. These treatments will work on certain types of acne scars and have risks as well as benefits. Before choosing a treatment that you can use make sure you talk with your doctor and discuss everything with them first.

Derma Fillers

Some people will use derma fillers in which the surgeon will inject collagen or hyaluronic acid derivatives into the scared skin. This will raise up the base of the scar to level off with the normal skin.

Punch Excision

This treatment is used on boxcar and icepick acne scars. During this procedure a punch biopsy medical tool is used to cut open the scared skin. Afterwards the edges of the cut skin will be stitched back together. This creates a new scar that will heal and become smoother.

Punch Elevation

This treatment is used on boxcar scars with very sharp edges. During this treatment the bottom of the scar will be excises before it is raised up to the to of the normal skin. Sutures are then used to patch the edges of the skin together.

Subcutaneous Incision

This acne scar solution is used to treat rolling scars. During this procedure the surgeon will use a special needle and place it underneath the skin where it will cut the tissue that binds the scar. Laser resurfacing is than used to burn off the surface of the skin and level it off with the normal skin.

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