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Women may have their various hair products that litter the bathroom – but men also have at least one essential item that they use almost everyday – the razor. This tool is very important to keeping their scruffy face under control and maintain a look that they will refuse to change for at least ten years.

There are different types of razors that men may use – but none if more popular and easier for them to use then the electric razor. They prefer this because it will last longer, they won’t have to spend money on replacing the heads once a month, and they don’t have to worry about cutting themselves.

In order to make sure that these last and function properly it is important to know how to clean electric razors. When not done enough or not done right it will ruin the whole razor and you will have to replace it.

Make sure that you have unplugged the razor from the outlet before you remove the head. Once you have done this you can remove the head and find the gasket that should be situated beneath the head. Examine it for any cracks and remove any dirt that is inside of it. This is important because it is what protects the motor from dirt and hair and keeps it working.

Use your small shaving brush to remove the hair and dirt that you find beneath the head. Usually the razor will come with a number of shaving tools and one of them should be the brush.

To clean the head all you have to do is place it in soapy water. Don’t leave it in for too long or else it will start to corrode. When this happens you will have to replace the head. Once this is finished you can put it back together and it will be ready for use again.

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