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Once again the gas prices have ensued to a price that many of us are comparing to highway robbery. As they reach another all time high many of us are regretting those impulse SUV purchases that we made while the prices were low and are trying to find ways of saving the money that we are desperately trying to hold onto.

A good way that you can save money in gas is to allow your SUV to rest and try a different form of transportation. In my old neighborhood I would walk around the many houses and notice that a lot of them had invested in the electric moped or a scooter. These small automobiles are a form of the motorcycle – but without the power and good looks.

These vehicles are easy to obtain – but now people have to decide which one is actually better for them in the long run; the scooter or the moped. These two are actually very close in appearance and many find it hard to tell them apart. But there are a few features that differ and in the end will help you to choose the one best for you lifestyle.


The price for these two models is similar – but how you are able to get your hands on one may be different. Most states require that you obtain a motorcycle license before you are able to purchase and ride a scooter. Obtaining an electric moped is easier because they often times do not require this because they do not reach high enough speeds.


For some people speed is an important feature that they love and need. If you expect to go on the highway a lot we don’t really recommend either of these. Keep in mind though that while they may be able to reach normal speeds the scooter is faster then the electric moped.


Both of them have the same types of safety features and this all depends on the driver. In order to stay safe on any type of open vehicle like this you need to be wearing the proper safety gear that includes a helmet, long pants, and close toed shoes.

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