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Colon cancer is one of the worst and most painful cancers that you can experience. This is because it can be difficult to catch it early on and even harder to prevent it from seriously damaging people’s bodies. However, there are certain treatments that are used to help prevent it from spreading to essential organs in the body.

Chemotherapy is the more common treatment used to treat colon cancer. During this therapy doctors will decide on what type of drugs that will be used to help kill off the cancer cells and to keep it from spreading. There are many different drugs that can be used – but only your doctor will know which ones to use.


This is a type of drug that is used to stop the cancer cells from producing. This is used to treat not only colon cancer – but also breast, rectum, stomach, and head cancers.


This is a very commonly used drug that is used during chemotherapy for colon cancer as well as lung and ovarian cancer. There are some physicians that will let the patient take it themselves or who will give it to them with other medicines for chemotherapy.


This is one type of chemotherapy drug that also works to kill off all the remaining cancer cells that reside in the body. It is used to treat colorectal cancer and will be prescribed to the patient to take when needed. However, the doctor may give it to the patient along with other drugs.


This is a type of colon cancer drug that is used to treat the disease when it is in its advanced stages. It is a type of vitamin complex that is more effective at increasing the usage of another drug called fluorouracil instead of fighting off the cancer itself.

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