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Do you ever feel sometimes that you are head is pounding so hard that it feels as if it might explode? The tension is so severe that every sound you hear, light that touches yor eyes, or movement you make somehow makes it worse? If you know this feeling then it is possible that you were suffering from a migraine headache.

Migraines are a type of headache that are much more severe and can often be very painful if not treated right away. While these affect mostly adults it is possible for certain children to deal with them also. These are caused when the blood vessels in the head are swollen and chemicals from the nerve fibers have been released and have twisted themselves around the vessels.

Usually it is the temporal artery that is also swollen. This artery is located at the temple – which is why many people will experience the headache on one or both sides of this part of the head. In order to know that what you are going through is a migraine and not just a painful headache you need to learn to identify the symptoms.

The most common problems that can be experienced is a pain and sensitivity to the light, sound, and even movement. Also the person’s vision may become blurred due to the pain that they are trying to deal with. After they have determined that it is a migraine you may have to visit your doctor to determine what type of migraine it is or what could be causing it. One of the most obvious type to experience is a stress migraine.

There are many over the counter medications that are specifically used to target and treat the pain caused by migraines. Something that will also help to relieve the pain is to place yourself in a dark room that is quiet.

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