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Epilepsy is a condition of the nervous system that can induce an abnormal amount of electricity activity that will occur inside a person’s brain. This condition can be caused by tumors, an infection in the brain, or by brain damage from head trauma. Though much research has been conducted there are many cases in which the cause is not known.

It is possible for some people to grow past this condition and to not suffer any of the symptoms that are associated with it. Others are forced to take special medications that will help to control the symptoms and keep the condition under control at all times. Unfortunately there are some people whose bodies will not respond to the medication and are not able to control it at all.

The main symptom of epilepsy are seizures. Depending on the severity of the condition will depend on the type of seizures that you will suffer from. Everyone is different and because of this the seizure will affect them in a different way that may be moderate to severe.

Some of the moderate types will last for a few seconds and be barely noticed. Others will last for a few minutes and can cause the person to loss consciousness. Because of this they will not remember what happened or even realize what they just experienced.

The easiest epileptic seizures to recognize and identify are the ones that will cause you to fall down to the ground and stiffen the muscles in your body. When they stiffen they will begin to jerk in an uncontrollable manner. However, there are other types of seizures that are harder to recognize because they do not cause this to happen.

Some people will simply have muscle twitches or will look off into space for a mere few seconds. Others may smell something strange or have visual problems in which they see unusual shapes or bright lights. One thing that we are sure of is that the epileptic symptoms can occur at any time and without any warning.

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