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If you were to step into a woman’s bathroom you would be overwhelmed by the amount of products that is left inside of it. You can bet that in every drawer and on every countertop there are brushes, combs, blow dryers, curling irons, hairsprays, lotions, and countless other hair and skin products. It makes you wonder whether or not all of these things are actually needed.

As women we have a tendency to try every product on the market to make sure that we are using only the best. At times we will even purchase something that is not really needed. Instead we need to narrow down our hair products and purchase only the things that are essential and that we need. We are going to make a list of the best hair products that you should have on you at all times.

Shampoo And Conditioner

This is an obvious must have for any women who wants to keep her hair shiny and clean everyday. The conditioner is actually something that is not necessary for all women. Some need it in order to replace the moisture that they lost while others need it to detangle their hair. However, those of you who have thin hair that is naturally moisturized may find this harmful instead of helpful. It can make your hair greasy.

Hair Gel And Mousse

Hair gel and mousse are two very different things. Both can be used to sculpt the hair to achieve the desired look – but they are for different hair types. Those of you who have stubbornly thick hair should stick to the gel because it is more powerful and will hold the look in place. Those looking for volume or just a small amount of hold should use the mousse.

Blow Dryer

Again this is a must have for any women. The key to this is to purchase one that will not burn your hair and cause large amounts of damage to it. They make some specially with a feature or attachment that will protect your hair while it dries it. Just make sure you stick to one and be careful with it. These can actually last you for years if you are careful.

Curling Or Flat Iron

Again these are two different products used for two completely different hair types. The curling iron should only be used by women who have straight hair and are looking to add some waves and curls to increase the volume and overall look of it. Ceramic flat irons are a must have for women who have thick, frizzy, and curly hair. The flat iron allows them to straighten all of these problems out and give them a look that is unique and easier to deal with – if only for one day.

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