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An ostrich is one of the largest birds that you will ever see and it is also one of the few that does not fly despite its small wings. But what it lacks in flight it makes up for in speed. This unusual species is a native to Africa though it formerly lived in the Middle East. It comes from the species Struthionidae – but is the only animal in this species that is still alive.

You can easily identify an ostrich by its long necks and legs and its unusual ability to run as fast as 46 mph. This is the fastest that any bird can run when on land. It consumes plant life as well as insects. These birds live together in nomadic groups that can contain anywhere between five to fifty at one time.

You must be careful when anywhere near the ostrich because they can scare easily. When they feel that they are being threatened in any way they will do one of two things. They will either try to hide from the predator by lying flat on the ground or by running away.

Some humans learn the wrong way that those these birds might scare easily if you try to back them into a tight spot they can kick their way out. Their long legs are very powerful and with one kick they have been known to seriously injure or even kill things.

They have very sharp eyes and hearing – which allows them to see and sense any predator that might be lurking far away. This will clue them in to run away and they can keep a decent pace for many miles. Or they will lay down on the ground. When they do this they will lay only their heads and necks on the ground imitating a mound of dirt. Despite myths and skepticisms the ostrich does not bury their heads in the sand when they are frightened.

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