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Tanning beds are a great alternative for people who do not have the time or the patience that is needed to sit outside for an hour or two at a time in the sun in order to get the tan we have always dreamed of. But there are many things that can get in our way besides the busy schedule we have. Sometimes the sun is covered by the clouds that are threatening to release rain or our back porch is shaded and we cannot seem to get the direct sunlight we need.

That is when we make an appointment to the tanning salon and spend the time we need underneath the bright and powerful tanning lights. These specially made beds will be able to give you the tan you want and quicker then you expected. What many people do not realize is that these are very powerful and have to be used in moderation and under specific safety guidelines.

The tanning bed bulbs that these beds use are specially made to mimic the UV rays of the sun. This makes them powerful and at time dangerous for people who are not used to using them. Make sure to tell the operator that it is your first time to a tanning bed so they can explain how it works, how long you should be in there, and what you need.

Your skin will be sensitive – which means that the first time you go you will only be in for a few minutes so you do not damage it or burn it. Each visit you will be able to stay a bit longer and your skin will grow accustomed to it. Make sure that you wear some type of tanning lotion because your skin still needs some type of protection from the powerful light.

Each tanning salon should offer you special goggles that you can wear to protect your eyes. Just like the sun these tanning bulbs should not be looked into directly and you will want to keep them safe. Learning how to use the tanning bed safely is important if you do not want to burn your skin or risk other health problems.

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