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A sinus infection is the inflammation of the nasal passages and the sinuses. This health problem can be painful for people as it can induce headaches and place pressure behind someone’s eyes, nose, head, and cheeks. Other symptoms that the person might experience include; fever, cough, nasal congestion, bad breath, and thick nasal secretion.

In order to understand what causes a sinus infection you have to understand this important part of the body. A person has four major hollow air-filled sinuses that are connected to the space that sits between the nasal passage and the nostrils. The sinuses are used to help insulate the skull and to reduce the amount of weight that it holds.

Each sinus is built with certain amount of defenses that are used to fight off bacteria or viruses that enter into this area. However, when these viruses are able to beat the defenses the bacteria that is inside the nasal passage will move into the sinuses. There it will connect to the cells that are lining the inside of it and create the infection.

Most people will have this problem no more then three or four times a year and it can last anywhere between two weeks to a month. There are specific medications that you can use which your doctor will prescribe to you. You can also use special sinus wash products that will help to clear the passages without the use of drugs.

It is important to seek help from your doctor if you feel that the infection is worsening or lasting longer then it should. This could mean that the problem is becoming more severe and you may need stronger medications and more treatments to deal with the problem.

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