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Identity theft occurs when a thief uses specific personal information that they will use to ‘become’ and buy services and items under the victim’s name. The information they often use is the person’s social security number or driver’s license number. This is a very serious crime that is becoming all too real for many people.

Not only can the thief create bills that are thousands of dollars – but the victim is the one required to pay for them and can be accused of the crimes committed by the thief. There are two types of identity theft; true name theft and account takeover. True name theft occurs when the thief will use personal information to open accounts at different places.

These accounts may be for credit cars, cell phone companies, and to open checking accounts. This allows them to make out blank checks and to run high bills under these credit cars that the victim is forced to deal with.

Account takeover identity theft occurs when the thief will steal and use someone’s personal information to take money from the accounts that they already have. Usually they will change the address so that you will not immediately notice the credit card bills that they are gathering.

One of the easiest ways that this information can be passed along to the thieves is through the Internet. They are able to hack into certain databases that are not protected enough and steal out the information they need. Some will simply send them fake e-mails requesting their information to verify something. They may send the e-mail under the guise of their bank or credit card company.

In order to prevent the loss of your information you need to verify with the company that they need the information. The best way to verify this is to call them. They will let you know over the phone whether or not this is real and can be notified if there is someone out there posing like them so they can notify their other customers.

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