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Progesterone is a type of hormone in women that is made by the ovaries. This specific type of hormone is used to balance out the amount of estrogen that a woman can produce at one time. If not balanced estrogen can actually cause a number of health risks including cancer.

The older women become the harder it is for the bodies to produce the amount of progesterone that is needed to control the estrogen and it will begin to produce in large amounts. This problem usually happens a few years before the women enters into menopause. Other problems that could be causing the decrease in progesterone include stress, anxiety, and a bad diet.

One of the best things that women can do to help control the problem and to replace the progesterone that is not being produced is to use a natural progesterone cream. This special ointment is made using extract from soybeans and wild yam. There are many different types of synthetic creams that have also been made and some that must be prescribed by your doctor.

In most cases there are little to no side effect experienced by the women who is using the progesterone cream. Some of the side effects that women have experienced include nausea, fluid retention, insomnia, and depression. However, this is very rare and is sometimes not connected to the use of the cream.

Because it is possible for a woman to have to much of the progesterone hormone in their body they must be careful with how much that they use. Too much of it can cause uncomfortable side effects. Your doctor will recommend that you use the cream until the hormones in your body are at a normal level. From there your body will be able to do the rest.

Not only will the cream be able to control the levels of estrogen that your body is producing – but it will also be able to help increase the strength of your bones. This is something that many women have to be careful of and is one of the biggest benefits of natural progesterone cream. It might also help to decrease their risk for breast cancer and endometriosis.

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