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One of the trickiest parts of moving from your old home to a new one is packing up everything you own into a truck and moving it all. This is something that if not done properly will cause everything to fall and break. The last thing that we need is to lose most or all of the things that we own.

It is easy enough to hire someone to do this for us – but it is not always prudent because of how expensive it is. So instead we must rely on ourselves to do it properly. The important thing to know is that there is a special technique to use that will help to keep everything you own safe.

The way that you pack the truck is greatly determined on how many boxes and pieces of furniture that you have. When packing you want to look at everything like a puzzle in which every piece has to fit in perfectly with each other and leave no gaps or holes. Because of this you may find yourself putting boxes and furniture together in the truck.

When putting the boxes in the truck make sure that the heaviest and largest ones are on the bottom. Any box that has the words ‘fragile’ written all over it should never be in a position where they can be crushed or easily broken. They can only be placed beneath other boxes when they feel heavy and stable. Boxes that are extremely light should be placed on the top because they can be crushed and everything inside could be ruined or spilling out when you unpack the truck.

Furniture is one of the easiest things to pack – but just because of its large size does not mean that it cannot get ruined during the move. In order to protect it from scratches, scrapes, dents, and broken glass you need to protect every inch of it with furniture moving blankets. These are designed to be thick and soft so they can protect them from the other furniture and heavy boxes that surround them.

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