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There are many ways in which we can warm up our home during the cold winter months without having to spend tons of money on large amount of electricity or propane depending on what part of the country you live in. One of the most efficient ways that you are able to keep you and your house warm is to use a portable heater.

You can choose one out of three main types of heaters; electric, infrared, and kerosene. Each of them are different in what they are able to do, how they work, and the price you will pay for them. Learn what separates them from each other and decide for yourself the one that will work best for you.

Electric Portable Heaters

The most popular choice that you have is the electric heater. One of the biggest and most important features that makes it such a popular choice among consumers is that it has the ability to be used anywhere because it can be moved in an instant. You can take it with you when you move, when traveling, or simply to place it in a different room.

It uses electric coils that allow it to heat the room quickly and to the specified temperature. Once that temperature has been reached it will shut itself off. This keeps it from heating the room too much and wasting valuable energy.

Infrared Portable Heaters

These are one of the more unique types of portable heaters because it does not radiate the heat through the air like most. Instead the heat will move through the air and focus all of its attention on the occupant. It is no wonder that they are the heater of choice for saunas.

Kerosene Portable Heater

This is a type of portable heater that is best used when outside on camping trips. It is not good to use indoors because it gives off carbon monoxide when it burns and with no fresh air around you it could hurt your lungs. This heater will run until you shut it off or until the fuel burns out completely.

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