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Don’t you hate it when you are driving in bumper to bumper traffic to get to work and you are trying to relax – but all you can think about is how you are going to be late. Along with these negative thoughts an unpleasant smell coming from the cars around us fills our car and makes it unbearable to be around.

This is just one of the many foul odors that can enter our car as we are driving. Anytime you pass by a chemical plant you will have the same type of smell and passing a garbage dump is even worse. Unfortunately the purifiers that our cars use are not strong enough to block out these odors completely. They help to remove some of the dust from the car – but they can only do so much.

But none of us want to live with something like this. The best way to combat these horrible odors is to purchase a car air purifier. These are great because they can do so much for the occupants inside of the car. There are a few different types of purifiers that you can choose from.

HEPA Car Purifiers

Anyone who knows purifiers will understand that HEPA is one of the better types that you could purchase for yourself. Though they are quite small they are strong enough to block out odors from the outside, dust, allergens, and pollution. You can place it in any cubby in your car or can attach it to your seat belt. It uses a special carbon filter to clean the air you breathe.

Portable Car Purifiers

These are some of the more affordable car purifiers types that you can purchase and are not only effective – but also convenient. These are powered when you plug them into the cigarette lighter in the car and will last for weeks before you need to change it out. The best place to put these is on the back of a headrest where it will be secure.

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