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Now that summer has finally arrived we are encouraging our children to spend more and more of their time out in the fresh air. All throughout the school year they are holed up in the house doing homework or out spending as much time with their friends as they can manage. But now that they have free time they can get fresh air.

It also means that we can spend time with them and start up the grill for some delicious barbecue meals with or close friends. Unfortunately those plans can be ruined in an instant due to rain or even the sun beating down on us so hard that we sweat the moment that we step outside our door. Instead of letting the weather ruin our plans we can fight back.

Outdoor awnings are a great shade to have that will cover your porch and keep it in the shade all day long. By the time you step outside and get ready to grill it has been in the shade all day and it relatively cool compared to what it normally would be. In order to preserve your awnings and to use them properly you need to have all of the necessary accessories for it.

The most important thing you need is an awning cover. This is only used for awnings that are retractable and need to be covered while not in use. This will protect it from other natural elements – especially during the winter months and help it to last longer. The cover is easy to slide onto the awning and when not in use you can store it away easily.

Another great awning accessory that you can use is an outdoor awning mat. This is great to have on your back porch or beneath your RV awning. They are quite large and help to bring a bit more comfort to your porch. You can purchase one of these mats in a variety of sizes and colors depending on the style you want.

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