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There are two types of network technologies that are used in servicing cell phones. The Global System Mobile Communications – which is also known as GSM and the Code Division Multiple Access – which is also known as CDMA. Both of these compete against each other to be the best and to offer more features for their consumers.

The cell phone carriers that consumers go through (Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon) will use one of these technologies to power their phones. Most of us believe that they are similar in the way that they work – but there are considerable differences that separates them. It is important to know what those differences are so you can decide which carrier you would prefer to use.

GSM is an international company that was started in 1987. They work to develop the best wireless technology and to provide it to consumers from all over the world. CDMA was created by Qualcomm – which is located in the U.S. For many years now it has been the number one technology to use for carriers in North America and certain regions in Asia.

But even with its growing popularity GSM has still managed to find a foothold in the U.S. while CDMA has broadened and tried to move to other parts of the world. One of the biggest differences between the two is the type of service you are receiving on different areas that you are in. For some people they have no choice in what carrier they use because one or the other does not cover the area they live in.

The majority of cell phones used today have the capability to stream pictures, videos, and send e-mails like a computer. The only way that this is possible is if the phones had the proper speed. It has been said that CDMA technology is a good deal faster then GSM even though they both claim to have 3G speeds.

One of the best features that GSM has over CDMA cell phones are the use of SIM cards. These cards are used to hold important information and to activate the usage of the phone. They can be easily removed and transferred to other phones. This allows people to use new phones whenever they feel like it instead of being strapped down to one. At this time CDMA uses a similar R-UIM card – but it is only used in certain part of Asia.

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