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Plantar fasciitis is a common pain that is located in the heel of someone’s foot. There are many methods that are used to treat this problem – but one of the most popular and most effective is a splint. These splints are made to help apply much needed pressure to the person’s plantar region and calf.

This pressure will help to allow the tendons to stretch out and relieve some of the pain that the condition has caused. Many people who have this condition will experience the majority of the pain when they wake up. Because of this these splints are often worn during the night time hours and in bed.

You can find these plantar fasciitis splints in different sizes that will allow it to fit your size foot comfortably. They also come in different colors so that you can at least look good while wearing them throughout the night. Make sure that the one you purchase is what will work for you. It would be best to have your doctor recommend one for you.

If you feel that you are experiencing a large amount of pain during the daylight hours then it is possible to wear it during this time also. Many of us have to walk quite a bit throughout the day and this will make the symptoms much worse. Wearing the splint through the day will help to relieve the pain and keep the problem from worsening.

According to studies patients who are treating plantar fasciitis have an 80% chance of success. They have helped countless people to overcome the symptoms and have the ability to live their lives normally and without having to constantly deal with the pain from it.

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