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The majority of swimming pool filters that you will use to keep your pool clean are cartridge filters. These are more popular because they are easy to clean and use when compared to the sand and DE filters. Cartridge pool filters are also usually used in some of the more smaller sized pools and spas.

The only way that you are going to be able to use this filter and to know how it works is if you have the proper instructions that will help you to get the job done. The first thing you will have to do is to place the filter into the filtration system that you pool uses. Make sure that you have turned the timer off and that all of the valves are closed. This helps to keep the system from running.

It is best if you program the system to filter out all of the debris on a schedule that will keep it clean at all times and that will save you on energy. It works best if you set it to clean out your pool every six to eight hours during the day. During the winter months the amount of cleaning it will need is much less and you can reduce the time.

In order to keep the pool filter from breaking down and not functioning properly you will need to remove it and clean it every six months or when you think it is dirty. You will not need to replace it and buy a whole new one until you have used it for two years. All you have to do to clean the filter is hose it down with a pressure washer.

Keep in mind that if the quality of the water is poor despite the fact that you have cleaned the filter in a recent time it may just be the filtration system that has problems. You will need to call a professional to come out and take a look at it and repair any problems it might have.

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