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Forums are great to use because they allow us to connect with other people who love the same movies, music, religion, hobby, or political views. There are tons of forums that are made for these type of people and there you can debate or just laugh with people who are just like you and that you would not have met otherwise.

Registering for a forum is an easy process – but first you have to find the one you want to join. The first thing you will want to do is decide what topic you want to be talking with people about. Visit the google search engine ( and type your favorite subject into it along with the word ‘forum’ after it. It will bring up the most popular forums for that subject.

To sign up for the forum you will need to click on the link that says ‘Sign-Up’. This link is usually located on the top of the page next to the ‘Log-In’ link.

This link will take you to a new page where you can put in all of the required information. This information will be your e-mail address, birth date, time zone, and name. Anything that has an asterisk next to it is required. Sometimes they may not need personal information like your address but they will ask for it. Once you have filled the form out click ‘Submit’.

Once the form has been accepted they will send you an e-mail immediately that will have you confirm the account you made. In the e-mail you will click on the link they send which will confirm your e-mail to make sure that you are an actual person.

Now you have an official account with the forum and you need to set up your personal profile. This can be viewed by the public and other members so you want to make it interesting – but not provide any personal information. Here you can set up a picture or avatar of yourself or your favorite person, car, etc.

You are now ready to introduce yourself to the rest of the people on the forum and start talking with them. Introducing yourself is best to do first because it will let people know you are there and interested in talking with everyone. After this you can join in on any conversation that you find interesting.

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