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When people get married they are promising to be faithful to each other and to stay with each other through the thick and thin. When you enter this to commitment you know that there will be times of pure bliss and times when you want to run away from each other. So why is it that divorce is on the rise?

It seems that the promises made on this special day do not hold up in people’s lives like they once did. Unfortunately there are many problems that can hurt a marriage and the people within it. Infidelity and abuse are some of the more common problems that can hurt not only the spouse Рbut also the children. But new research shows that snoring might just be another big problem that drives the couples a part.

If you have ever slept in the same room with someone who snores you know just how difficult it can be to sleep peacefully. Their snoring can be so loud that it will wake you up or keep you from sleeping at a decent hour. Many couples have to deal with this problem and for awhile they will live with it. But doing nothing about the problem will cause the snorer to feel nagged and the other spouse to feel irritable from lack of sleep.

There may be some couples who are able to deal with this problem without any serious problems – but the majority of couples will split into separate rooms. The spouses will each have their own room so as to get a peaceful nights rest and for awhile this seems to be a situation that works well. Both are able to get the sleep they need without waking the other person up.

Research shows that this separation will actually drive the couple a part. The two people will start to lead their own lives and slowly grow away from each other. They will not confide in each other and they will no longer be able to connect both physically and emotionally.

In order to save your marriage and get the sleep that you need it would be easier to find ways of stopping the snoring. Snoring research shows that couples who were able to put a stop to the snoring were able to resolve their differences on the matter and to better connect with each other. You can use nasal strips, snoring mouthpieces, or even surgery that will work to take care of the problem.

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