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There are some babies who have a tendency to spit up much of the foods that they eat. As parents we sometimes think that this is normal and something that can happen. But what we do not realize is that this could be a sign that they are suffering from acid reflux disease. We do not think about this condition because it is more commonly found in adults.

Most doctors will treat this condition in children through the use of special medications – but not before they try a few at home remedies that might be able to work. Feeding your baby smaller meals is easier for them to keep down. Just remember that you will have to feed them more often so that they do not go hungry. Also try to make the formula thicker then normal through the use of rice.

If this does not help with the symptoms or you notice that they have become worse then your doctor is most likely going to prescribe certain medications. They will usually use H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors to help reduce the secretion of the acid. These are proven to be safe for children.

They may also give them prokinetics to help increase the mobility that they need to combat the symptoms. These will also be used along side other medications that will work to keep the acid at bay. Babies with mild symptoms may only need simple antacids.

While medications may be recommended to use for their children the parents cannot help – but worry about the possible side effects that can occur. H2 blockers have been used more then any of the medications and have been proven to be extremely safe. The only side effects that it can cause in your child are constipation, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

PPIs are much newer when it comes to treat baby acid reflux disease. They also are proven to be safe and quite effective. Yet, when they are used for long periods of time they are known to cause liver problems or hyperplastic polyps in the abdomen. It is important for babies to be seen by a gastroenterologist every so often to make sure everything is ok.

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