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There are many different types of foods that we have to keep our children away from because they are allergic to them. Peanuts is one of the biggest food allergies in children – but lately another type of food has crept in and is becoming one of the more common types – corn.

This type of allergy can affect your child by causing them to break out in hives and maybe even suffering from some of the more severe allergic reactions. In other children the symptoms may be as mild as a headache or stomachache. These more moderate symptoms make it difficult for parents to understand that their child is having a reaction.

To diagnose corn allergy you will need to do a special test with the help of a licensed allergist. Doctors urge parents to not use the symptoms as a way of determining what condition the children might have because this can be dangerous to their health if they have something more severe. The best way to know is through the allergy test.

Unfortunately the only way that you can help your child through this particular condition is to keep them from consuming or even touching it in anyway. This is hard for many people because the majority of processed foods that are children will normally eat contain corn syrup or other ingredients made from corn.

Anytime you are going to buy something for them you will need to read the label and the ingredients very carefully and learn to identify what to stay away from. Some of the more popular foods to keep them from eating include popcorn, corn chips, and corn tortillas. There are some soups and sauces that you will have to be picky about and read to see if they contain corn syrup.

However, food is not the only thing you need to watch out for when kids have corn allergies. There are certain medicines and creams that use corn to make them. If you are not sure it is safer to call the manufacturer or have your doctor make a list of the ones that you can have. Also be careful because some stickers and envelopes use corn as a natural adhesive. It would be best to get the self sticking types.

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