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Did you know you that laughing can relieve stress? That’s what health professionals have been saying for years. While the funny jokes are “funny,” the health benefits to laughing are no joke (pun intended). While having a good laugh can’t cure all that ails you; there are some well known benefits to reading a good joke and laughing out loud, so here are a few reasons to visit a joke site.

Short Term Benefits

The act of laughing doesn’t just relax you, it also lightens your load by stimulating physical benefits as well. Laughing so hard you “can’t breath” is actually good for you, filling your lungs with precious oxygen. You’ll stimulate your lungs, along with your heart and muscles. Your brain will release increase it’s production of endorphins, known to be your body’s natural pain relievers and also provides a sense of well-being. Did you also know comedy can also aid digestion and stimulate blood circulation? All the more reason to be a funny guy, or gal.

Long Term Benefits

Reading a few funny jokes from time to time also offers long term health benefits. Really, we’re being honest – the endorphin stimulation we discussed earlier helps to train your body to more easily produce your body’s natural painkillers when needed, not just when laughing. This can help to reduce tension and make difficult situations a bit more pleasant, should the need arise.

Laughter also improves your body’s immune system. The brain is a complicated environment, and chemical reactions induced by negative thoughts can actually hurt you by “stressing out” your body and decreasing your immunity. In contrast, thinking positive (happy) thoughts will help to fight that stress by releasing neuropeptides – the peptides found in neural tissue.

As you can see, having a good laugh is great for both your body and mind. One of the best ways to reduce that stress is by reading jokes on a regular basis. There are many joke sites on the intertoobz to visit, I’m sure a quick Google search will take you where you want to go. And, since there are literally thousands of jokes and thousands more variations I’m sure you can stay busy until your face hurts.

One Response to “Funny Jokes and Humor”

  1. Thats what this site is missing we need a joke of the day page. Seems like Yoda would hook us up.

    Posted by: Angie Atkins on on March 5th, 2009 at 10:29 pm.