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The poison ivy plant grows with a special liquid called toxin urushiol oil. This is something that hundreds of people are allergic to – which is why when someone’s skin comes into contact with it they will break out in a rash that can spread all over their bodies’ be passed to other people, and cause them to itch.

There are dozens of things that can treat these rashes and everyone needs to discover on their own what will work best for them. Each of these treatments are different in their own ways and depending on the extent of the damage, how old you are, and what you like to use will determine the treatment that is best for you.

One of the more popular choices that people choose to use is calamine lotion. This is able to soothe the skin so that it will put a stop to the itching. It is made with special ingredient that leaves behind a residue of powder that will soak up the oozing caused by the rash and it will create a layer of crust over it. This will also help to speed up the healing process.

It is possible to use lotions or creams that contain antihistamines like Benadryl and other painkillers. This will help many people who have a more severe reaction and to help take care of the rash much quicker.

Be careful about the other types of soothing lotions that you can choose because they may contain alcohol and this can cause it to sting. If you must use them only until the rash has stopped oozing. If you keep using it the rash will dry out too much and will crack. This will only increase the itching and keep it from healing.

While cortisone creams may not be effective in treating the poison ivy rash it is able to help with the itching. It is best to use this if the other poison ivy treatment you are using is not enough or if you have nothing else on you to use. To help with the blisters you can use colloidal oatmeal to treat poison ivy.

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