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Many of us love motorcycles because they are fast and they look great. We can imagine ourselves on the back of one of them riding with the wind in our face and nothing to hold us back. The only thing we don’t imagine is how difficult it will be to learn how to ride one.

The one thing about motorcycles that you have to be careful of is to never underestimate it. You have to respect that it is a motorized vehicle that when not driven properly or safely can cause a serious accident and hurt you and the people around you. We find it best to start out with a pocket bike.

These miniature sized motorcycles are great because you can drive them almost anywhere and if you can drive one of them then a motorcycle should be no problem. They have the same look of a motorcycle except that they are about two feet shorter then normal. Why they may not be easy to drive they help you to perform cool tricks on them. Many people will also use them to race each other.

Basically these bikes see a lot of action and some can even reach speeds of 70 mph. This is a lot of wear and tear that they are being put through and because of this you need to be prepared to replace certain parts. Most of the parts that will need replacing are connected to the exterior.

You will probably be burning out a lot – which means that the body panels will become scuffed, scratched, and maybe even ripped off completely. They are not incredibly expensive – but just remember to get the one specifically used for your make and model.

The one pocket bike part that you don’t want to be replacing is the engine. Obviously this is the heart of the bike and the most expensive. There are many things you can do that will cause it to blow and unless you have a miracle warranty you are going to have to shell out the money to fix it.

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