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It seems that the price for gasoline is not the only thing that has suddenly soared to an insurmountable price. Now we are hearing news that the production for Biodiesel is slowly coming to a standstill as manufacturers are unable to keep up with the financial problems that are gripping the nation.

Many of the producers for Biodiesel are either cutting back at how much they spend or make or are ceasing production completely. What was once a very profitable fuel for people to use is suffering due to the cost of the soybeans that makes up 80% of the fuel in the nation. The price for this ingredient has doubled in the last year to a record price of $11,50 per bushel.

Experts are hoping though that the market will level off before the end of the year and the production can get back to where it was. For now though they have to pay $3 per gallon in order to pay for the refining process and transportation of the fuel. One thing customers can look forward to is the $1 gallon tax credit that they can receive from the government. Unfortunately they are still losing money even with this discount.

The increase of the price for soybeans is not well known. Some believe that there is less supply in South America where they get them from. Others believe that people are preparing for the future and raising the prices early.

Many people believe that the best way to fight back is to make Biodiesel fuel using no foods. They knew that to use food to produce the fuel would cause the price for that fuel to increase because more would need to be grown for consumption and for the fuel. However, no one is yet ready to try it differently.

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