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Wheelchairs are necessary for people who cannot walk on their own or who need help when they have been injured for a short period. Every hospital uses them to transport their patients from one place to another. It is obvious that they are important to thousands of people and businesses – which is why there is such a collection of them.

There are dozens of different manual wheelchairs that people can choose from. Each are made differently and for different purposes. But they all help to take the person from one place to another.

Standard Chairs

These are the largest and heaviest wheelchairs that are more commonly used by people. They are some of the most affordable and very reliable. The only problem with them is that they are so bulky that some people have a hard time summoning their upper body strength to use them and they do not move around places very well.

Lightweight Chairs

Lightweight chairs look very close to standard types except that they are half the weight and bulk and look much smaller. They are made using titanium or aluminum parts and are simple to move around in. The only problem with these chairs is that they can only handle so much weight before they collapse.

Sport Chairs

Sport chairs are not as popular because they are only used by handicap people who are wanting to participate in sports like tennis, basketball, and even running. Each sport wheelchair is made specifically for the sport the person wishes to participate in and custom made to their body type. Because they are custom made they are some of the most expensive types of lightweight chairs you can get your hands on.

Transport Chairs

Transport wheelchairs are more commonly used by hospitals and clinics. They are lightweight – but they were not made to be used everyday. Their small shape makes them durable enough to only be used for transport from one place to the other in the same area.

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