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Lasik surgery is an important medical procedure that is used to help treat certain problems with people’s eyes. It fixes them so that they are able to get rid of their glasses and contacts and see the world through their own eyes and without any help. Before deciding whether or not you want to use this you should know what the procedure entails.

The surgery itself may only take five minutes or it might take longer. This all depend on who is doing the procedure, what problems are trying to be fixed, and how much experience your doctor has. Before the procedure begins the surgeon will give you a mild sedative that will be taken orally.

They will also give you eye drops that are anesthetized so you do not feel any pain from it. After this the doctor will have you lay down on the table and position your eye beneath the laser. They will only operate on one eye at a time. A retainer will be placed over the eye so as to keep the eyelids from closing. This allows the surgeon to cut the corneal flap without any problems.

The surgeon will then use an ink marker that will be able to mark the cornea before the flap is then created with the laser. They will also make an ultra thin flap on the surface of the eye. When this is completed the laser is used to reshape the eye and the flap is replaced to ‘bandage’ it together.

The surgeon will need to use a special computer that will adjust the laser to the prescription you need it to be. You will be required to look at a target light and they will study the movements of your eye underneath a microscope. The laser light pulses are what is used to reshape the cornea.

When the Lasik procedure is completed you will need to rest for a short time before your other eye needs to be worked on. Make sure that you have brought someone with you who will be able to drive you home.

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