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I am a very nostalgic person who loves to make many memories. I believe that we should live as if this is our last week to live and we should not spend that time in anger and regret. Instead we should surround ourselves with the people that we love as much as we can doing things that we love.

In my life I have been lucky enough to have seen different countries, states, met all types of people, and even taken a few risks that have proven to paid off. Every time something happens in my life I make sure that I make memories and that I capture every single moment of it to remember it forever.

That is why I never go anywhere without some form of a camera. It may be my digital camera, a throw away camera, or even my phone – but I make sure that I can take pictures of the people that I love and the places that I have been. This is something that everyone should be doing throughout their life.

Pictures help to keep memories fresh in our mind and when telling others the story of what was happening we can show them exactly what it looked like. Pictures are a thousands words and many of us want to show off the most special and favorite moments in our life.

That is why when you step foot into my home you will see pictures adorning the walls and the tables. It shows you who is close to me and the most special moments in my life – like my wedding day. One of the best thing that I love to use and that helps to make a great impact on people is a wireless digital picture frame.

With this wonderful and high quality frame I can show people the journey that our family has taken. These frames work great because they can create a simple slideshow and have some complimentary music to go with it. It is a wonderful addition to any home.

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