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If there is one room in the home that we all hate to clean it would the bathroom. It is the one place in the home that is used quite often and because of this it is also the one place that becomes filthy quite fast. The only way that you can keep germs at bay is to clean it on a regular basis.

It is important to clean bathtubs in order to keep rust, mildew, soap scum, and tons of germs from spreading all over and getting on you and the people who use it. In order to effectively clean it you will need rubber gloves, mildew cleaner, shower cleaner, rag, and an old tooth brush. These tools will help to clean the tub thoroughly.

You will need to wear the gloves in order to avoid getting any of the chemicals onto your hands. Not only can it irritate your hands – but you can spread the chemicals to other things you touch including the food you eat. It is best not to digest any of them as they can cause serious problems.

When cleaning you need to start at the top of the tub and work your way down. The top part is easier to clean because it is not as dirty. You will use the shower cleaner all over the places – but you will need to make sure to use the mildew cleaner first on all of the parts that are harder to reach.

Use the toothbrush to clean the cracks in the tub that are most difficult to keep off. With the right mildew cleaner it shouldn’t be that difficult. Just make sure to use the shower cleaner after. This will help to get rid of any excess dirt. The easiest way to keep your tub clean through the week is to use a shower cleaner that will be sprayed all over each time after you shower.

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