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Shoes are just one of the many things that people have to wear because it helps to keep us cool, dry, and even warm during the changing seasons in the year. There are dozens of different styles for us to choose from and each style has a different color. This allows us to purchase several pairs that are unique to us and match our every outfit.

But what about the shoes that are more comfortable and less fashionable? There are many of these types of shoes that are often left to the wayside or even forgotten by many of us who concentrate on only having the best and most fashionable.


Let’s be honest with each other and admit that these are considered to be the most comfortable shoes that we could ever own – but are they worth it? Of course they are. Every one should own at least one pair of tennis shoes. They are perfect for exercising, walking, and countless other things. When sightseeing you don’t want to be wearing your high heels.


These have got to be the strangest looking shoes I have ever seen. They seem to be a popular item with children as well as adults – but to be honest we don’t see the attraction. While they might look adorable on children the parents should think about something a tad more sophisticated or even stylish. It is not very appealing to wear something that looks uncomfortable and probably is. And what is up with all those holes?


These are shoes that you will usually only see during the summer months. To many they are a type of sandal while to others they are a fashion don’t. So what are they really? Depending on the style that you choose they may just make the cut. These are also incredibly comfortable and the allow our feet to breathe when it is hot. Though we don’t recommend that you purchase the extra foamy kind. Try going for something a bit more stylish.

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