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Anyone who can play an instrument of any kind is talented and shows that they are capable of learning hard concepts and reading a new kind of language – sheet music. There are dozens of different types of instruments and each on of them can be difficult to learn – but none is more popular then the guitar.

The guitar is an American classic and is the backdrop for the rock ‘n roll music that we and even our children love to listen to. We can’t help but be caught up in the strumming of the acoustic guitar and the jamming of the electric guitar. Both of them a great to listen to – but what good would they be if they were not tuned properly?

Anyone who owns one of these instruments understands the importance of keeping their instruments tuned properly. Over time the strings will become aligned and the notes will sound flat or too high. This will ruin any song you are trying to play. The only way to fix this is to learn how to tune it yourself.

Not all of us have the musical ear we need to tune it manually and to know exactly when the note is perfect. Because of this people have created special tuning software. This allows you to tune it in front of your computer. Use a microphone and pluck and adjust the strings till the computer says that it is ready.

For something a bit more traditional you can purchase a guitar tuning instrument. This is a small black box that will have a special light that will indicate whether or not you have it tuned properly. Just pluck on the strings and keep adjusting it till you have it in the right spot.

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