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There are many health problems that women must be careful of. One of the worst that seems to be affecting more and more everyday is endometriosis. This condition is caused when endometrial cells start to grow outside of the uterus instead of inside. These cells are the same ones that are expelled from the woman’s body once a month during the menstrual cycle.

Doctors and their patients can diagnose endometriosis in many ways. One of the things that tips women off to what they have is the immense pain in their pelvic that they can experience. Their doctor will schedule an appointment and examination. During this time they will try to find the cells and locate where they are situated.

A rectovaginal exam allows the doctor to try to feel for any endometrial implants that might be situated behind the uterus or on top of the ligaments that are connected to the pelvic wall. Even though they may not find nodules this way they do not rule the condition out. Often times a good indication that they have this condition is when the person experience immense pain during the examination though they did not find anything.

However, these endometriosis symptoms and exam alone are not enough to make a conclusive diagnosis. This is when the doctor will move onto using an ultrasound machine to try to dismiss the potential problem of other pelvic conditions. It may also help to spot endometrial cells that are on the bladder or vagina areas.

The most accurate endometriosis diagnosis is the use of a visual inspection of the inside of the pelvis and abdomen through the use of a tissue biopsy of the implants. This is done through surgery. The physician will open the stomach through a large or small incision. They will then gather tissue samples and examine them under the microscope to determine what they are.

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