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Ear wax is something that many of us hate and can’t stand to have. It wasn’t so important in protecting our ears we might find a way to get rid of it completely and never have to deal with it again. As it is though we can only take away the excess and even then we must be very careful.

There are dozens of tools and products on the market that help you to remove excess wax from your ears and each one is said to work. But do we really want to spend that much money in something that we might be able to do for half the price? There are many home remedies for removing ear wax that a person can use or have someone perform on them.

Before trying any of these remedies we encourage you to ask your physician and make sure with them that they are safe to use. Everyone has different ears and what may help someone may give someone else an ear ache or other problems.

First of all we should start off by saying that under no circumstances are you to stick a cotton ball, q-tip, hair grip, or finger inside of your ear to remove anything. This will only make things worse by compacting the wax together.

One home remedy that has been tested and proven is to use paraffin oil or any type of mineral oil. Warm two or three tablespoons of the oil over a candle till it is slightly above body temperature. Place it inside of an eye dropper and lie on your side. Lay on your side and pour a few drops into your ear. Let it set for five minutes while still on your side. Once finished make sure to rinse your ear with warm water irrigation.

Another common home remedy wax removal is the use of hydrogen peroxide. Anyone who has punctured their ear drums or has a sensitive canal should not use this. All you will do is pour a few drops of it down your ear and let it sit. You can feel it working when it starts to fizz up.

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  1. I am in agreement your view. My experience has shown your points to be true, but I have also read the opposite from other sites like this one. Do you have any ideas for getting more legitimate information on natural health or related topics? I would certainly appreciate it!

    Posted by: Alfonzo Carp on on October 23rd, 2010 at 5:42 pm.