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Our children are everything to us and as parents we have the responsibility to make sure that they grow up with the things that they need and learn how to read, think for themselves, and of course behave. If everything went our way our beloved little ones would never feel pain or sorrow or even fear.

Unfortunately life is not always pleasant and our children may experience these emotions at certain points in their lives. While we might be able to shield them from most of the pain and sorrow in the world the one thing that is hard to control is their fear. Children can be afraid of most anything starting at a young age.

I have known some children that were afraid of water, the dark, or even grass. It is true that some fears work to our advantage because it keeps them from venturing into dangerous places. Kids who are scared of water won’t dare go near a swimming pool or into the beach water the moment you turn your back. However, fears will only keep them from truly living their life and it is our job to help them cope with that fear.

There are things that you can do to help them deal with these fears – but you will have to take it slow and remember that patience is needed in order to succeed. Encourage them to experience whatever it is that scares them and show them that everything is all right. If they are scared of the water then trying holding them close to you and taking them into the water with you.

If they can feel your arms around them and know that you are not going to suddenly let them go then they will feel a lot safer. Show them how fun the water can be and what you can do while you are in there. Maybe find a pool toy and have them play with it. Make sure that you do not become frustrated with them. Instead you should be encouraging them.

Try to get in the water with them everyday or at least three times a week to help get them past their fear. It may take days or even weeks – but soon they will grow to love it and have a better feel of it.

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