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Growing up there are many things that we have to go through while our bodies are changing and developing. Many of these things that change are good – but there are also many things that we wish we would never have to deal with. One common development that both men and women can have are stretch marks.

These are a type of blemish that will occur when the person’s skin is being stretched too fast. It can often happen when the person has gained or lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, has gone through a growth spurt, or has been working out and building their muscles at a fast pace.

Whatever the reason for why it has come one thing is clear, we all hate it. There are different places that can be affected by these marks. Where they will appear and how big they can get will depend on the cause and how big the person got.


The number one place to get them is in the stomach. For women this often happens when they have gained a large amount of weight in a short period of time. When they are pregnant they are more vulnerable to the marks because their stomachs are stretching at an alarming rate to make room for the baby. That is why they will spread lotions on themselves to prevent them. Men can have them because they are overweight.


Usually men will have these marks on the top part of their arms right next to the armpit. This is usually caused after they have been working out for long periods of time or because of a growth spurt. The muscles are trying to build at a quick pace and the skin is stretching to allow the growth. Women can also have them here – but they are usually caused because they are overweight.


The thighs is another common place for stretch marks to develop. Both men and women can have them here because they have gained or lost a large amount of weight. However, there are some women who will have a small amount in this location even though they have never been big. This could because the marks are hereditary.

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