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It is a proven fact that if you are able to put makeup on, do your hair the way you like, and wear nice clothes and accessories that you will boost your self esteem and feel great. I did an experiment in which one day I wore something very flattering and did my hair and makeup that looked great. The whole day I felt great and I knew that the world was mine.

The very next day I wore something that was a bit drab and I didn’t do my hair that great. In fact I didn’t do much with it at all. I went to the same place – but instead I felt drained, depressed, and wanted to hide my face away. The change was dramatic and the only thing different was my appearance.

It is time that you made yourself feel beautiful everyday and the best way to do this is to buy the clothes you love that will work with the right accessories. Go and get a manicure and pedicure so that your hands and feet look great. While you are there you can get your hair cut and maybe even colored if you are feeling adventurous.

When it comes to clothes make sure that you find outfits that you love – but that are also flattering for you. You don’t want to pick something that is too young for you – but at the same time going for something too old is a bad idea as well. To help you make the right decisions you need to find a friend who can go with you and is going to be honest with you.

To go along with the perfect outfit you need the right accessories. The purse is a woman’s greatest asset and as such needs to be perfect. This is the one time when you can splurge and go for the exquisite Coach tote that is big enough to fit everything you need. If you are a new mom you can get one of the stylish diaper bags that they make so well. Pamper yourself and love every moment of it!

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